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  • an MSW or MSSW degree from an accredited program and is trained in school social work; or
  • a license/credential from a state as a school social worker; or
  • an MSW or MSSW degree and whose primary assignment is the provision of school social work services in a local education agency; or
  • a faculty position in a social work graduate program.
Early Career $95
  • Someone who is in his/her first three (3) years of practice and meets Regular Member criteria.
Retired/Inactive $60
  • Someone who is not currently employed in a school social work or related capacity.
Student $60
  • Someone who is actively enrolled in a social work undergraduate or graduate program with an emphasis or track in school social work.
Associate $110
  • Someone who does not meet the eligibility requirements of other membership categories and who may be supporting the work of the profession and wishes to convey his/her affiliation through membership
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